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SpectorLorraineHeadshotToday we’ve announced a new Insurance Advisor in Lorraine Spector. Lorraine comes to us with a wealth of knowledge of the financial industry, having spent most of her career selling information services to traders at large firms, hedge funds and the New York Stock Exchange. She has also spent time helping non profits recruit fundraisers, giving her experience with Dress for Success, New York Cares, Women’s Shelters and Foster Care for Success.

When a friend suggested she use her financial expertise and people skills to start an insurance career she was immediately sold. After getting licensed and learning the ropes at a large firm, she stumbled across The Insurist and knew she had found her home. In the words of Lorraine, “We know that finding the right insurance solutions can be overwhelming, and we work to educate and simplify the process for our clients.”

Lorraine will be heading up our mid city markets assisting corporate and individual clients with life, health, disability and long term care insurance solutions.

We sat down with Lorraine a few days ago to get a better idea of what makes her tick “off camera.” Here’s what we found:

What’s your favorite restaurant?

“I’m not great with favorites when it comes to anything, but in terms of dining out in Los Angeles I would definitely say Mercado and Petty Cash.”

What about favorite books?

“I like to read memoirs and travel books.”

Favorite vacation spot?

“Without a doubt, the Big Island of Hawaii.”

When you’re not working, how do you spend your time?

“Knitting, needlepoint, reading, volunteering for women and children focused charities, hiking, walking and exploring our great city.”

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

“Backpacked through Europe, then jumped on a ship via Greece to Isreal to work on two Kibbutz.”

And finally, why insurance?

“I like that we help people protect themselves, their families and their businesses. I especially enjoy building new relationships and learning people’s stories…that’s where the fun is.”

We welcome Lorraine with open arms and are ecstatic she has joined our team at The Insurist.

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