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Back in November (before all the holiday madness!), I was graciously invited to join Toni Patillo and Karla Dennis on the Call Toni Radio Show. Watch the video for a summary of our conversation…and tune in on Saturdays from 3-4pm!

We’re Hiring!!

We'reHiringYep. We’ve crossed over our one year anniversary and it’s time to expand. We’re looking for licensed insurance professionals who are tired of doing things the way they’ve always been done. People who like pushing boundaries (not the regulatory kind of course!) and want to treat their practice like the business that it is.

What do you need to be considered?

#1 You’ve gotta be a HAPPY person.
#2 You’ve gotta know what it means to be patiently persistent and strategically patient.
#3 You’ve gotta be willing to put in some time.
#4 You’ve gotta be able to maintain a professional virtual office environment.
#5 You’ve gotta be able to furnish adequate errors and omissions insurance.
#6 You’ve gotta have a creative edge to your marketing strategy.
#7 You’ve gotta have a sense of humor.
#8 You’ve gotta walk your talk.
#9 You’ve gotta be responsible for your own results.
#10 You’ve gotta be able to count to 10!


We like to be serious about our results in a fun way here at The Insurist and we’re looking for people who know how to strike that balance. Work hard play hard? That’s a great start.

All serious inquiries can be sent to Please include a resume and cover letter.


Our friends over at CoverHound put together this infographic and we love it. ‘Tis the season after all.

Car insurance politics

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Once upon a time, there was a company called Insure My Food Truck and all the food trucks in the land…(insert sound of loud breaks screeching).

Time to wake up and get to the coffee.

But really, when we were doing our research of online companies in the insurance space, we stumbled upon You can def call it love at first site. Loved the branding, their market, and Denny Christner (owner) seemed like an all right guy. He facebooks, tweets, has a cute family, bonafide foodie, in the industry longer than he’s been an adult…all the good indicators were there.

So not that we’re online stalkers or anything, but we kept an eye on Insure My Food Truck and pretty soon we started talking to Denny on the phone and we found out all that stuff on the web was true. He’s a real dude with a great business and he takes care of his clients better than expected.


We’re happy to announce we now call Insure My Food Truck a partner of The Insurist and we endorse them as our go to property and casualty group (aka they offer the commercial and personal coverage we don’t). As a wholly owned affiliate of BayRisk Insurance Brokers, Inc., their capabilities go beyond food truck insurance too.

Check out their website. Like them on Facebook. Tweet with them. Pin ’em up.

You know the drill.

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