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At the risk of telling you what you already know, there is a freaking lot to know about health care reform.  The law itself is some 900 pages long, and the regulations surrounding it run into the thousands of pages.

Why, if pages were crows, the Affordable Care Act would be a murder!  (Rimshot, weak laughter.  Don’t judge me — making health insurance funny is hard.)

So as much as I’d like to regale you with the finer points of transitional reinsurance fees and adjusted risk pools, I think it would literally bore us both to death.  So in the interest of staying alive and giving you something you can use, I herewith present The Simplest Guide to Health Care Reform You’ll Ever Read. Ever:


Here are some dates you need to know:


**Here’s that link to the Kaiser Family Foundation subsidy calculator……a great resource for all of your reform needs.

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