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This is not an April Fool’s joke ;).TheInsuristHasMoved

SandstromLeilaniHeadshotCurrentNot too long ago, a friend introduced me to LeiLani Sandstrom (thanks Michelle!). I was immediately impressed. She had character, charisma, and a certain fight in her eye I rarely come across. She’d been licensed for a bit and had been working with one of the larger carriers in the US, but was seeking a more personable fit. She liked us and we liked her. And while I’m behind on my writing and welcomed her to The Insurist a bit ago, today I introduce you to LeiLani Sandstrom, AKA Lani.

Lani will be our Insurance Advisor in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties with a focus on the service based industries in those areas. She’s also excited about promoting one of our up and coming brands “The Insured Grandchild.”

I sat down with Lani to learn a few things about her and this is what she shared…

What is your favorite book?

I’m not much of a sit down type of book reader, but I will say my favorite is “When Tomorrow Comes” by Janette Oke.

What is your favorite food?

Probably Cajun. I love food and am not overly picky unless it’s “funky” food.

What keeps you going?

Happiness and enjoying what is given to us drives me in life. Mainly my wonderful husband, kids, my grandson, family and friends. I love experiencing new things and giving others the opportunity to experience new things. Sometimes trivial things can be amazing.

How do you spend your free time?

My hobbies are camping, riding quads, hanging out with family and friends, and painting.

What drives you to be in the insurance business?

I love to help people that can benefit from the services we offer. The insurance business can allow my husband and I to live a debt free life and for that I am grateful. It also gives me the space to live my life with my kids and grandkids and that is a rare opportunity.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I was born in Hawaii and raised in Texas. Been in California since 1995. My husband and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary and renewed our vows in my home state of Hawaii.



Alison Shiry
The Insurist

#insuremomtoo is focused on the insurance needs of Moms

Los Angeles, CA: Today The Insurist ( launches a new brand solely focused on the life insurance needs of Moms.

Having been in the insurance business for fifteen years, Founder Mindy Lamont noticed a gap in education around the need to insure the lives of Moms and has set out to solve that issue with an educational program she’s branded as #insuremomtoo (

“Time and time again, when I’m in meetings with growing families I hear couples express a misunderstanding of why you would buy life insurance for wives and mothers. I call it a social hangover, but today the needs of children are highly dependent on the resources a Mom provides inside or outside of the home (or both!) and these resources are crucial to the financial success of the family. Not insuring Mom can have devastating effects on the future of her children if she were to pass away. Single Moms almost always understand the need. In all cases, we can typically insure Mom’s value to the family for less than anyone expects.”

A survey conducted by LIMRA found that 83% of people believe life insurance is too expensive with a majority of those believing a $250,000 20 year policy would cost $400 per year when in fact it would be closer to $150 per year. Another point made clear by recent industry surveys is Moms are one of the most underinsured demographics in the nation with less than 30% owning adequate life insurance coverage.

In the next six months #insuremomtoo will launch via events throughout Southern California, starting with Club MomMe’s Fall Fest on November 9th. Following that, influential Mommy bloggers will be invited to educational lunch meetings and in the first quarter of 2015 The Insurist will start inviting Moms to fun and educational events at blow dry salons, lunches and brunches. Those interested in being on these invite lists can send their contact information to

About The Insurist: The Insurist is a unique insurance agency that combines old world agency management strategies with new world technologies. Founded in 2012 by Mindy Lamont after years in the industry, the company is rapidly expanding to serve the needs of growing families and growing companies throughout America.


SpectorLorraineHeadshotToday we’ve announced a new Insurance Advisor in Lorraine Spector. Lorraine comes to us with a wealth of knowledge of the financial industry, having spent most of her career selling information services to traders at large firms, hedge funds and the New York Stock Exchange. She has also spent time helping non profits recruit fundraisers, giving her experience with Dress for Success, New York Cares, Women’s Shelters and Foster Care for Success.

When a friend suggested she use her financial expertise and people skills to start an insurance career she was immediately sold. After getting licensed and learning the ropes at a large firm, she stumbled across The Insurist and knew she had found her home. In the words of Lorraine, “We know that finding the right insurance solutions can be overwhelming, and we work to educate and simplify the process for our clients.”

Lorraine will be heading up our mid city markets assisting corporate and individual clients with life, health, disability and long term care insurance solutions.

We sat down with Lorraine a few days ago to get a better idea of what makes her tick “off camera.” Here’s what we found:

What’s your favorite restaurant?

“I’m not great with favorites when it comes to anything, but in terms of dining out in Los Angeles I would definitely say Mercado and Petty Cash.”

What about favorite books?

“I like to read memoirs and travel books.”

Favorite vacation spot?

“Without a doubt, the Big Island of Hawaii.”

When you’re not working, how do you spend your time?

“Knitting, needlepoint, reading, volunteering for women and children focused charities, hiking, walking and exploring our great city.”

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

“Backpacked through Europe, then jumped on a ship via Greece to Isreal to work on two Kibbutz.”

And finally, why insurance?

“I like that we help people protect themselves, their families and their businesses. I especially enjoy building new relationships and learning people’s stories…that’s where the fun is.”

We welcome Lorraine with open arms and are ecstatic she has joined our team at The Insurist.

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